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Astrobase Command is a player-driven procedural space station builder and management simulation game with a focus on characters with deep personalities. Where you can feel what its really like to have the power and responsibilities of command.

Astrobase Command is not your grandfathers procedural game - not only are procedural characters and personalities entirely possible, but its the only way to have true interactivity. Not having the NPC pick off a table of pre-authored responses lets our characters be more than one-dimensional cardboard cutouts constantly repeating the same three lines.

What this actually means is that in Astrobase Command your crew live their lives on your station. They have unique personalities that affect and are affected by the situations they face. They make friends, enemies, and even romantic relationships.

With limited resources you decide what your crew does. You decide where they sleep, where they work, what they build, who gets recruited, what they do for fun, and who goes on missions.

  • Species Creation and Customization: Name your species, choose its core statistics and physical appearance, and also uniform schema!
    3D Space Station Construction: Design individual modules from sections and components, and expand your Astrobase by building in any direction.

  • Base Management and Crew Life Simulation: The characters have deep life-cycles. They will eat, sleep, use the toilet, think about life, interact with each other, form their relationships, and work at their job to keep things running.

  • Rich Character Personalities: Watch any character live his or her life, growing and evolving through the subjective experience of their reality!
    Full 3D Desk GUI: Let out your inner Space Bureaucrat as you interact through a full 3D desk, complete with a state-of-the-art Datapad, your very own document stamp and filing cabinet!

  • Retro Futurism: This game is a love letter to 70s sci-Fi aesthetics and that eras visual style!

Planned Features Include:

  • Dynamically Generated Equipment & Crafting
  • Procedural Away Missions
  • Procedural On-Station Events
  • On-Station Combat

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Developer: Jellyfish Games

Publisher: Jellyfish Games

Release Date: TBD

Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 or greater
  • Graphics: TBD
  • Additional Notes: System requirements are still in definition.